About Frogger Sequels

Frogger was a tremendous success when it was released to the Japanese audience in 1981 and in the following year, the game was introduced to United States where it got a warm reception. The huge success of the game resulted in several sequels to the original game in the following years.
The first sequel was to remove some bugs from the original version and add more fun to the game by improved graphics and special effects.
Here are some of the most noted sequels for the game.

Frogger II - The game was released in 1984 for PCs and video game consoles and is the first sequel for Frogger. It was released by Sega and supported a large range of platforms including Apple, Atari 2600 and 5200 and Coleco Vision. The game had warm reception among the Frogger enthusiasts.

Frogger 3D - Released in 1997, Frogger 3D was more like the original Frogger in terms of game play and themes. However, it is the first sequel to Frogger that came with 3D graphics. Since 3D games were getting very popular in the second half of 1990s, Frogger also enjoyed its fair share of popularity.

Swampy's Revenge - The second sequel of the 3D version was released in 2000 with improved graphics. The game supported video game consoles like PlayStaion, GameBoy and PCs.

The Great Quest - This is the second most successful Frogger title after the original version of the game, which was released in 1981. Frogger-The Great Quest was released in 2001 for PS2 which was later ported to PCs.
The game is one of the most successful PlayStation2 titles with a tremendous sales record of 4 million copies within the first three years of the game's release.
Improved animations and excellent special effects featured in the game was a major reason for its success and PlayStaion consoles were capable of offering a smooth flow for the game.

The Temple of The Frog - This version was released in the same year when The Great Quest was released which was a release for GameBoy consoles. Compared to the PlayStation version, GameBoy version had a lower sales record.

Frogger Beyond - This is the first version for Xbox and was released in 2002. The game was released for Nintendo, PlayStation2 and Personal Computers also in the following year.

The Rescue - Released in 2003, the game had a plot very similar to that of the original version and was made available for PlayStation2 and GameCube.

Helmet Chaos - The game was released by KCE in 2005 for NintendoDS and PSP which also has the credit for being the first portable 3D game.

Toy Trials - This version was released in 2006 for the North American audience and in the following year, it was available in Europe and Australia. The most noted feature of this version was the three different game modes that the game featured.

Frogger Returns - The game was released for PlayStation3 and other video game consoles in 2009.

With several sequels and more than two decades of presence in the video game world, Frogger is undoubtedly one of those cult games that everyone must play and experience at least once.
The tremendous success of the game made Konami one of the leading manufacturers of video games and also resulted in the success of other game titles from the company.
With several sequences and decades of presence in the industry, Frogger is still feeling very fresh.

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